Friday, January 9, 2009

What's a censer?

A censer is a container in which the incense you make is burned. Charcoal is very hot when it burns and a wooden anything isn't a good idea. The censer can be metal, like those you see in Catholic churches, or it can simply be a bowl filled with sand. Until you find a censer that you personally like, you can just use a bowl half-filled with sand or salt. The sand/salt protects the bowl and the surface it sits on against heat.

My personal censer looks like an Alladin lamp, and I got it at a nearby hippie store. It's my favorite!


  1. Be cautious, too, when burning that charcoal in a soapstone bowl. Soapstone soaks heat and gets VERY HOT! Even with sand. Learned this the hard way, now I've got a small brown "stain" on my windowsill, lol. :P

    I'm thinking of getting a cheap piece of tile to put under it next time.

  2. Hey man, thanks! I didn't know that!